Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta is a historic mill complex on the banks of Dão river surrounded by oak, chestnut and pine woodlands.  The focus on living in harmony with nature plays a key role in the way  life is lived at the quinta, the way it is managed and the activities we develop. The immersion in nature and living in a connection with nature at Moinhos do Dão is an experience we want to make available to our guests, residents, volunteers and our local community.

We run a residency program for artists and ecologists, organize activities such as writing workshops and yoga sessions and started an environmental initiative called CuidaDão to protect and celebrate nature in the Dão valley.

Our main areas of interest and focus are:
Art & Crafts    ~    Environmental Education    ~     Permaculture (growing and sharing food)    ~    Hiking

For some more information about us personally pls visit our websites.  &

Freya and Steven

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