A week long nature pilgrimage through the beautiful Dão valley from the source to the mouth of the river.

Hello friends of Moinhos do Dão,

With this program a long cherished wish has come to fruition: to really get to know the Dão and to contribute to sustainable development in the valley. After a period of research and a lot of hiking, the program is ready to be shared with the world. I hope the story of the Caminho do Dão inspires you to put on your hiking boots!

Developing the hike has been a strong confirmation of the power of walking and rarely have I felt as free as when I walked the length of the Dão river last spring. Stepping onto the trail each morning to walk into the world and let the valley reveal itself during the day was always uplifting. It is a rich and diverse piece of Portugal with so much to see, enjoy and contemplate on.

The Dão valley has its own story to tell: about a landscape in the 21st century and how it is shaped by the current social, economic and climate realities. A story about how nature survives and struggles, about the geology of a river valley and the many, many different ways people interact with the land. As one perceptive hiker said: I find it interesting as a product: romance and reality.

Join the Caminho do Dão and experience spring in the river valley.
2020 hiking programs: April 25 till May 2 and May 16 till 23

More information: caminhododao.org

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