MdD Residency – August 2015: Karen van de Vliet

For the month of August in 2015, the MdD hosted Karen van de Vliet (website) as Artist in Residence.  Below are images from here studio-based investigations of drawing the many varieties of grasses found on the MdD terrain.  She commented on her residency:

At Moinhos do Dão, I became fascinated by the dried grasses and remnants of flowers in the fields. I see them as small dry accessories and they have become the subject of my work here. Looking very closely at their shapes and lines brought back my interest in drawing. I have been trying out different ways of drawing the plants and I am experimenting with ways to integrate these drawings in my paintings.



Karen described her initial project ideas here:

I will use the AiR to focus on drawing, photographing and painting everything that is located on or around the MdD . The landscape as a whole but also studies of plants, flowers and trees. This material will be a basis for my paintings I am planning to do during the stay and when I am back in my Studio in Rotterdam.

Ik zal mij tijdens de AiR vooral bezighouden met het tekenen, fotograferen en schilderen van alles wat zich op of rond de MdD bevind. Het landschap in zijn geheel maar vooral ook studies van planten, bloemen en bomen. Dit materiaal zal een basis zijn voor mijn schilderijen die ik van plan ben te maken tijdens het verblijf maar ook als ik weer in Rotterdam ben.

Below is a small gallery of Karen’s art work of the recent past:



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