Hiking Program ~ O Caminho do Dão ~

From our love for the Dão valley and for hiking a new hiking program has sprung. The Caminho do Dão is a week long nature pilgrimage through the beautiful Dão valley from the source to the mouth of the river.

Dates for the Spring Caminho do Dão 2021: May 1st till May 8th.

With this program a long cherished wish has come to fruition: to really get to know and share the beauty and passion for the Dão valley. After a period of research and a lot of hiking, the program is ready to be shared with the world. Come pioneer this spring and be part of the first group to ever walk the entire length of the Dão valley. We hope the story of the Caminho do Dão inspires you to put on your hiking boots!

Visit the website for more information and a glimpse of the beauty of the Dão river valley.