30 Years of Natural Delight ~ Moinhos do Dão 1989 – 2019

It was in the year 1989 that Ria van Dien (Maria for the Portuguese) first set foot on 'the Moinhos', then known as Moinhos da Costa, after the name of the man that built this mill complex in the 1930's: José Costa. The quinta had been abandoned 8 years before by the grandchildren of José who had had enough of a pretty hard life down here in the Dão valley. To Ria, who had ideas for a small guest business, the quinta had a strong appeal, being on the river, surrounded by abundant nature and with enough potential to develop something special for family, friends and guests. With a vision and the help of friends, family and volunteers Ria, step by step, brought out the potential of the buildings and terrain and we are thankful for her courage to undertake this project and do it with a feeling for creating a nice atmosphere.

For 30 years now Moinhos do Dão has been a place where people come to enjoy being in nature and experience a simple life for a while without unnecessary luxury.

In 2013 we (Steven Barich and Freya van Dien, Ria's daughter) came to live at the quinta and this is the 6th year we are here at Moinhos do Dão.


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