Property Assessment Services


Amir Grosman - November 2021

Freya and Steven helped us assess a property we fell in love with in the area of Tondela.  We’ve asked Freya and Steven’s to help decide on the purchase of the plot. They took all the time to walk the property with us, talk to the neighbors and the owner’s agent and have finally delivered a report consisting of a comprehensive evaluation of the plot. The report has helped us to see the property as it is, it’s values, but also the challenges and risks associated with it. Based on that report, we’ve decided to keep looking.

I’m very grateful for their input. It helped us look at the property in a sober, down to earth perspective, rather than being swept away after a dream. They have eye for detail, good knowledge of local regulations, take their work seriously and are friendly, calm and honest people.

Janneke and Frank - January 2022

When we got the information about properties in this region from Freya and Steven we could apply this immediately. It helped us a lot in our search for the perfect property. Especially the licence needed and the Portuguese way of doing things.

Gratidão ~ Property Assessments in and around the Dão valley, Central Portugal.

In 2021 we started our consulting services for people and groups looking for property in various municipalities in the Dão region. In recent years, as quinta (smallholding) owners since 2013, managing an activities and tourism business alongside environmental awareness and regeneration projects, we have been frequently solicited for advice and guidance related to our experiences in this lifestyle.  The increase in requests for knowledge sharing and the positive experiences we have had in our early modes of consultancy gave us motivation to offer our services officially (and through Pure Portugal).

The consulting services and the knowledge we offer stem from our experience of living here on this 3.5 hectare off-grid quinta (smallholding) since 2013. Over the last  9 years, we have gained experience as to ‘what it takes’ to own and maintain an off-grid quinta, and run a legal business in this part of Portugal. We have been living in this region for almost 10 years now and have quite an extensive network in and knowledge of the Dão region.

Our approach to Consulting.
People from different parts of the world move to Central Portugal because of its beautiful nature, affordable property prices, climate and Mediterranean lifestyle…just to name a few reasons. These are all qualities we value as well.  As consultants, we aim to help prospective buyers to understand what a property might require beyond the purchase, in terms of upgrades, maintenance, bureaucracy, safety, long term habitation and the developments in the surrounding area.  We will take a close look at the potential, and the challenges, that someone who is new to a region, cannot foresee.  We desire to provide an honest, no-nonsense overview of any prospective property via an in-person visit and a follow-up analysis with pros and cons based on our own experience and views, as well as addressing what questions or issues the buyer may have.

Why we choose to do this work.

The Dão valley and this region have become our home and we feel committed to an integrated and sustainable development of the region. We aim to offer our clients a greater understanding and appreciation for what the region has to offer, and to assist them in making the smoothest transition when choosing to live here.

What we offer as consultants:
Our services are focused on assessing the constructed—or potential for construction—and natural/environmental aspects of a property, taking into consideration the skills and budget the potential buyer can put in to bring it to the desired result.

Skills, knowledge and added value we bring:

  • Fluent in Portuguese, English, Dutch and some French and German
  • Understanding of off-grid utilities such as: solar and hydro power, septic systems and potable water supply.
  • Understanding of property registration paperwork:  articles (Predials) and land rights.
  • Local laws regarding building possibilities, zoning, utility independence, etc.
  • In depth knowledge of the Dão valley and regional developments with regards to land use and business development
  • An extensive network of professionals and citizens in the Dão region
  • Understanding of bureaucracy related to property paperwork

Consulting process:
1. Initial conversation - getting to know your ideas and possibilities
2. Site visit to look at:

  • existing facilities (buildings and utilities),
  • infrastructure (roads, access, terraces et.),
  • terrain management ( incl. exposure to elements)
  • presence and drainage of water and humidity (climate zoning)
  • existing soil and vegetation
  • adjacent land(s) and region perspective/assessment
  • fire safety

3. Written assessment of the site and questions we deem important to resolve.

Additional services:

  • Translation and interpreter work
  • Referrals to solicitors, lawyers, contractors, etc.

If you are interested in working with us and want to know our fees pls contact us per email, Whatsapp or telephone.