Starting a non profit: Ruralis

The experience of living in the rural context during the last 10 years has raised many questions about what a regenerative way of life here can entail. ‘The rural’ comes, just as ‘the urban’, with its own sustainability/regenerative challenges and raises its own questions. At Moinhos do Dão we have done a lot of work 'for the greater good' such as river cleanings with the Cuidadão initiative and more recently the ecosystem restoration work with the Micro Reserve project. These are examples of regenerative work in the rural context. In relation to these observation and activities we have identified the need for a non profit structure already many years ago. During the first year of the pandemic there finally was time to make it happen.
Together with friends and colleagues, Freya founded Ruralis association for rural regenerative development. With this association we hope to contribute to the debate around what constitutes regenerative development in the rural context and organize projects that support that development.

Mirco Forum do Dão - environmental awarenes in the Dão watershed.

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