Tree Fund Success!

Dear Friends of the MdD,
We want to inform you that our "mini" Tree Fund Campaign has been a great success!  We have reached our goal, and actually more (!!!), by receiving some donations outside of the GoFundMe system.  We wish to thank you, all those that donated, and all those that shared our message—YOU made it happen!  And now, we are ordering the trees, and while waiting, preparing even more areas for a planting blitz before the end of November (which should be the perfect time to get those saplings in the ground, ready for winter, ready to grow those roots, and "take hold" by next years summer hotness).
Again, muito obrigado, and we hope you'll keep an eye on our Micro Reserve Project in the don't want to miss out on seeing those trees grow up!!

-  Freya, Steve, Lea, Sophia, Nicole.

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