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People that come to the Moinhos do Dão to help as volunteers are considered “residents,” a term that supports the idea that, while at the MdD, you are living, working, and being here, just like us—the hosts—equally experiencing and contributing to all that is required to keep this particular quinta (smallholding farm) running and in good shape, nestled within a river-valley environment and “in tune” with the landscape. Thus, our volunteers should consider their time on the MdD as a moment to fully experience what it is to Live in a rural, off-grid environment. In this experience, daily life and daily jobs are shared by all, considering where skills are best utilized, with time and space to learn.

Interested in something a bit more long-term, a bit more involved, leading to more connection to the Moinhos do Dão? Besides the shorter and average 1-month stays of the majority of volunteers that come to the MdD, we are looking for people who can be here for much longer periods of time—3 to 6 months—and become a type of “super-resident-volunteer” with whom we can fully share the life at the Moinhos do Dão and create a good flow together in the work, the play and the enjoyment of this “mini paradise” on the Dão river. If this is something you are looking for, then please contact us!



We are looking for volunteers for the months of:

April through September, 2018

We are looking for people with experience and/or interest-to-learn in the following jobs that are the basis of living on the land, and maintaining land with interest in permaculture values:


– Grounds-keeping (mowing/scything, weeding, wood chopping, tree/bush pruning)

– Horta (vegetable garden) maintenance (weeding, planting, watering, composting, soil management) and/or canning/storing of produce (canning only in August – September)

– Communal cooking and light guest services (washing, bathhouse maintenance, etc.)

– General maintenance (cleaning, painting, fixing things around the terrain, light construction)


PARTICULAR (possibly in 2018)

– constructing a wood shed with protective roof

– landscaping for large terrain planting of native trees and shrubs

– general fire prevention landscaping

– Ceiling/roof beams sealing against weather and future rot in our open, public space

– Tile floor upgrades in our cabanas (grouting and live-ability improvements)

– Refurnishing a cabin for a dedicated meditation zone

– Water canal upgrades and maintenance

– Building of shade structures (either metal welding or all-wood construction)

– Main house wood siding replacements

– And more!

See a Gallery of Images of Volunteering on the MdD

Every year there is work to do in our vegetable garden, upgrades in our solar and hydro-power systems, ongoing building/construction, and landscape maintenance on the MdD. For the spring and fall months we are looking for volunteers who can work in our vegetable garden, assist with general terrain and facilities maintenance, and random projects. For the summer months of July and August we are looking for volunteers with the skills or interest in cooking, restaurant and bar services, and guest services.

MdD is a living/working community in which everyone participates in the cooking, cleaning and care of the community. Being at the MdD is about learning skills and ways of living on the land, in a responsible relationship with nature. We have made efforts to include perma-culture practices into our life here on the Moinhos do Dão, and to be good stewards of the land under our feet, and that surrounds us in this valley, and in the region.

What we ask and offer for Volunteers: 5 1/2 days per week working on the MdD (average of 6 hours per day); private living quarters in a cabana (cabin) or camper on our terrain during the stay; communal breakfast, lunch and dinner for 5 1/2 days a week (working days); 1.5 days of the week are considered Leisure Days for the volunteers (and us as well). We prefer volunteers coming to the MdD for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Please send us a small biography of your background (including age, education and country of citizenship/origin) and interests and explain why you are interested in volunteering at Moinhos do Dão.

Get more information about our Volunteer Program at this link on the WWOOF network.

-Freya & Steven

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