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Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta is part of the WWOOF Portugal network. If you are interested in volunteering your greatly appreciated energy and time, then we suggest you read more about General Volunteering in Portugal on the WWOOF site. You do not need to be a member of WWOOF to volunteer with us. But we support and recommend WWOOF, so please consider joining.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. Volunteering on the MdD often consists of projects using tools, farm tools, physical labor, kitchen work, etc.. And, though we do our best to create a safe environment for everyone on the MdD, accidents do happen. You are responsible for your own safety and we expect you to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of others and the security of our property.

It is necessary to be prepared, and therefore insurance that covers medical care (optionally including transportation home, accidents and loss of property) is required for volunteers in the Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta. Volunteers are responsible for their own medical expenses, repatriation should it come to it, and for any damage that you cause to others or property on the Moinhos do Dão.

Check that your ordinary travel insurance will cover you whilst you are volunteering. Some won’t. Make sure your insurer knows that you will be a volunteer on a farm.

WWOOF recommendations for volunteering/travel insurance.  If you are a European Citizen, get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in case you need medical treatment whilst in Portugal, either as the result of illness or accident.


What are the meals like?

We serve three simple but healthy meals per day. Breakfast is generally museli + yogurt, lunch is often soup, salad or sandwiches, and dinner is generally a cooked meal.

We do eat meat, but most meals are vegetarian. We use as many home produced ingredients as possible, from our own horta (garden).

Please let us know if you have special dietary requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Vegetarian and vegan are no problem, but please still let us know. Generally we will ask you to provide any foods which we would not normally buy for the family. Please do not arrive with a list of things you must have and expect us to have them or be able to purchase them for you.  Do your research about products you may require, where to buy them, and how much they cost.  Ask us before you arrive, if you have any questions about availability.


Can I bring my children?

We are welcoming to volunteers with children.  It will up to the volunteer to manage the volunteer work / family balance. Children’s food and support will be the responsibility of the parent(s), though if the child is older, they may be considered as a full volunteer as well.  It is best to speak with us directly about your interest in coming to volunteer on the MdD and bring your children.


Can I bring my pet?

The MdD is already full with animals, both domestic and wild.  If you would like to bring your pet, then it must be very social, does not hunt, and is completely socialized/friendly with strangers (the MdD does host and receive guests).  If you would like to bring your pet with you while you volunteer on the MdD, please contact us directly.  Do not arrive with an animal/pet without discussing with us first.


Can I come to volunteer and bring/stay in my own camper vehicle?

Yes.  We have limited space for this possibility, and the road to the MdD is steep and not very wide, so please, discuss with us directly, first.


Smoking and alcohol?

Smoking and alcohol consumption is allowed at the MdD.  However, we have a zero tolerance policy for cigarette butts on our terrain, meaning: you CANNOT put out your cigarette and leave it on the ground, in a bush, behind rocks, etc..  In addition, Portugal has traditionally very dry summers, and thus, fire safety is a number one concern.  You may be required to only smoke in certain areas, if the weather and the Staff determines it (and there is no smoking inside the cabins/buildings).

Alcohol consumption is enjoyed by all on the MdD, however, disturbing behavior or disruptive drunkenness will not be tolerated.


Is there internet access? What is the power situation on the MdD?

Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta is completely “off-grid.” We generate our own limited power, which you are allowed to access to charge/power devices as necessary.  We have a maximum of 400w for devices, currently.  We provide fee WiFi access, but range is limited (there is a public rest area that has both power and WiFi service).  There are no televisions on the MdD, but there are cafes within walking distance, if you really need to see that Futbal match!


What should I pack to bring with me?

Here is a short list of musts, based on past volunteers, and our own daily needs:

– photocopy of your passport, list with 2 emergency contacts + phone numbers, and copies of your insurance policy or travel card.
– work clothes that are sturdy and can get dirty/muddy/wet.
– quality work shoes, to protect your feet and are comfortable to walk all day in.
– quality work clothes. Something that is sturdy enough for working with thorns/brambles, and getting dirty.
– sunscreen, and optionally a sun-hat.  It can get upwards of 30 C in the summer!
– in spring or fall, a rain coat or rain poncho.
– a lamp or torch.  Preferably a head lamp, to keep your hands free. Bring rechargeble batteries.
– Ecologically friendly toiletries and clothes wash soap.
– For the summer months, swimming clothes are a must!
– If you have any special needs, please try and bring whatever items you may require to support those needs.  In addition, talk with us directly about your needs, so we are in good communication before you arrive.  Thank you!



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