Partnerships on the Moinhos do Dão


We are looking for partnerships to share Moinhos do Dão Eco Quinta

After living on the MdD for five years we (Steven and Freya) can at this point clearly state our need to share this project with other people. The quinta, the surroundings, the guest services, activities program …all these aforementioned things, and more, would benefit from added hands, minds and spirit.  Just like a healthy ecosystem is made up of a diversity of life forms, so would life at Moinhos do Dão benefit from the presence and involvement of a larger, core group living and working at the quinta. This year we begin the process of finding people who want to live and share in all the aspects of what it means to live at Moinhos do Dão.

All options for sharing and involvement are on the table: living here full time, staying here part time, adopting a piece of land and taking care of it, organizing and leading activities, you name it. We are open to look at any form of sharing and involvement.

We are looking for people with whom we can further develop a vision that we have been developing the last few years but we are also open to incorporating new ideas and projects! There are practical care and maintenance jobs that exist on the MdD throughout the year—part of “living on the land” that is the Moinhos do Dão—which exists parallel to the culture and community, and it is necessary that people have or wish to develop skills and passions that fit what it takes to live and take care of this particular place.

Basis requirements for sharing partners:
– Relevant skills for living off grid (gardening, building, renewable energy, DIY experience)
– Experience with and interest in living/working in a group and a willingness to adopt methods of communication (like Non-Violent Communication or Sociocracy) that support group processes.
– Good command of English language and preferably also Portuguese.
– Relevant skills for running your own business or managing your own project.

Below is a list of the basic values upheld at MdD, plus a list of our ideas of what the future of MdD can be:


  • Live sustainably, healthy and mindfully
  • Permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share
  • Preserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage of this region

Project vision~

  • Run a small-scale alojamento local (guest-stay) business
  • Develop and manage an Art and Ecology Residency Program
  • Develop and host Event Weeks (examples: writing workshop, hiking, meditation/mindfulness, culinary, environmental field work)
  • Develop and take part in environmental and artistic projects in our region (for example, the project CuidaDão)

Interested? Before contacting us and getting into a conversation please take a good look at our websites, the one you are on now, our photo album on Flickr and our Facebook page. It is important that you know a bit about what Moinhos do Dão is about, if only so you can ask relevant questions.

Please feel free to share this open request with anyone that you know is looking for an opportunity such as this.  In any  collaboration possibility, there are practical aspects to discuss, and we would like to do this in person, or via skype chat, where and when possible.

Our search begins now!
So contact us as soon as possible…we look forward to hearing from you!
Send us an email at:

Steven & Freya