Wish List – Moinhos do Dão

We cannot buy or build everything we need and sometimes one's need is the others plenty. In that case wishes can be fulfilled!  Knowing that there already exist plenty of tools, consumables and objects in the World that are used but “unused,” perfectly good in shape and form, but older and less efficient for the owner(s), we at the MdD would be happy to adopt them into our project.
Below is our Wish List but if you have something else you think can be of use to us please let us know.

Things We Are In Need Of:
Ping-pong table
Dartboard & darts
Gas stove/oven-in-one with a grill/broiler
A working car with high clearance for our road
LED lamps and strips
Cordless Drill
12v batteries (of 100ah or higher in working condition)
Solar panels

Things We Could Use To Be Built / Rebuilt:

Sun powered food dryer
Gypsy wagon (rebuilt)
Wood bins for garbage separation
Benches for around the campfire
Wood table/bench sets that seat 6
A new mill wheel and axle for our renovated water mill


Freya & Steven & the Moinhos do Dão community