MdD Residency — Sept.–Oct. 2016: Emma Levie

For the months of September and October of 2016, the MdD is hosting Emma Levie (website), a Dutch Visual Artist, as Artist in Residence.

Emma takes inspiration from her daily surroundings and transfers these into beautiful drawings and installations.  The MdD and the Dão valley region will play a part in the reflection and creation of new works.

Below is a small selection of works found on Emma’s web site:

Permaculture Workshop: Healthy Soil, with Rob van Deursen

A number of guests, residents and volunteers participated in a one-day workshop with Rob van Deursen of Stichting Saiwala. The workshop consisted of a short lecture on soil and a number of soil related activities. Rob talked about what makes for healthy soil and how it supports the vegetable garden and a healthy ecosystem, contrasted with farming practices in which plant nutrition mainly comes from fertilizers. The group took three spoil samples from three different locations in the garden and observed the differences in the ratios of organic matter to sand and clay. Continue reading