Nature Connection & Regenerative Culture: A Participatory Presentation from Joshua Glass

A moment of 'working out loud' where the artist in residence, Joshua Glass, will present his in-progress artistic research on the intersection of nature connection and regenerative culture.

After 8 days of exploration, Joshua will share insights and drawings on the topic. He will invite us for an experience of nature connection and inter-personal inquiry in the forest of Moinhos do Dão Eco Quinta.

Join us for a deep dive into curiosity, conversation, nature connection, and of course, tea and cake J

Essential information:

  • Location of the presentation: Moinhos do Dão Eco Quinta. The quinta is accessible by car from the village Vila Garcia (directions here) You can also choose to park your car by the nearby Monastery and enjoy the 20 min walk down into the Dão valley.
  • Date and time: Sunday September 25, 16:00 till 18:00
  • Bring clothes for rainand footwearfor a short forest walk. The outdoor part of the presentation will occur rain or shine.

About the artist
The work of Joshua Glass elaborates on the intersection of performance art + social experimentation + nature connection. He designs his offerings to be embodied so we can practice:

  • exchanging with non-humans
  • reviewing the boundaries of self and other
  • coexisting in community

Recently, Joshua has produced participatory performances, community-building events, artistic installations, workshops, and a non-profit organization called The Treehouse Maastricht. The Treehouse was co-founded in 2018 in the Netherlands as a public coffeehouse for developing emotional integrity and silliness in the context of deep community. With The Treehouse, Joshua researched and implemented dynamic governance, microsolidarity (mutual-aid), and socially experimental dinners. In 2020, Joshua graduated from the Interdisciplinary Arts program at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Currently, he's loosely based in Amsterdam.

While in residence at Moinhos do Dão, Joshua has continued his research within themes of regenerative culture, nature connection, and social design. He's been exploring questions including:

  • Which nature-based practices strengthen a palpable, personal relationship with non-human beings?
  • What's a regenerative lifestyle, why's it important, and how can I live one?
  • How can I access and trust animate intelligence (i.e. non-rational) and foster an integrated intelligence to guide my actions?

Joshua's website:

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