Long(er)-term Quinta Sitters for Summer-Fall, 2023

Guests chatting under fig tree at the quinta.

The Moinhos do Dão - Eco Quinta (MdD) is immediately seeking to host longer-term volunteers during the months of August through October, of 2023.  We know this call-out is made late, but is sent with the chance that you or someone you know is looking for a unique place to have a special  live/work experience on a Portuguese quinta (small holding).  The timeframe would be 4 weeks minimum to a max of 12 weeks, within these 3 months listed above.  We are open to discussing options!

We specifically are looking for  2–3 people, couple(s) or separate, that can assist in “sitting” the quinta on most days of the week, being present and “keeping an eye out” on things during the days and nights, while the hosts/owners of Freya and Steven are busy on/off the quinta for hours, perhaps days, at a time.  Along with physically being (“sitting”) on the quinta, there is required  a few hours each day for plant/garden watering, light cleaning of shared spaces, and general maintenance/landscaping.  There may also be some work projects that require a few more hours of assistance here and there (as is life on a quinta!)  The rest of the day is yours, on the quinta, for whatever personal practice or work that you bring along…or just enjoying the riverside and peace in the Dão valley.

What we offer in exchange is a private room(s), full kitchen access, hot showers, utilities (including good Wi-Fi internet), veggies from the garden (when available), and a small paradise on the river Dão to enjoy daily.  The volunteers would be responsible for their own board (food & drink).  We recommend having your own car/mode of transportation, but this is not absolutely necessary.  We also have space for a smaller size camper/camper van, if that is also how one would come here.

As we are open to ideas to get the on-quinta support we are looking for, please feel free to contact us with any possibilities you may have to come to the MdD and help out.

Thank you,

Freya & Steve

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