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Residency Program
for Artists, Scientists and Educators

The Moinhos do Dão (MdD), translated as Mills on the river Dão, is a terraced 3 acre terrain and former mill complex on the banks of the river Dão in the heart of Portugal. It is part residency, part rural tourism and part living/working community that welcomes the public to experience both the natural and cultivated landscape. We are looking for professionals with work/projects that can be realized in the context of this rural and natural location. The MdD Residence Program offers an accommodation for select months during the year, either for art, science, or education professionals. Residents are provided private living and working space, and the opportunity to create work in an atmosphere of supportive creativity. As well, residents are welcomed to assist with ongoing projects on the quinta.

Professionals from the following disciplines can apply:
Arts: Visual, Literary
Sciences: Biology, Forest and Nature Management, Ecological Agriculture, Sustainable Resource Management
Education: Visual and Language Arts, Outdoor and Nature Education

Opportunities for Resident artists and ecologists.
Besides providing a unique, natural environment combined with indoor/outdoor workspace for our AiRs, the Moinhos do Dão has had the opportunity to connect the AiRs with Youth Lectures in nearby schools, open studios on the MdD itself, exhibition opportunities, and instances where the AiRs could utilize tools and facilities off the MdD, such as large format, old world printing processes.  The MdD continues to develop relationships in the community, and below, you can see some images of moments over the last few years that AiRs have had the opportunity—when desired—to expand their residency beyond the immediate terrain and connect with the community.

The Moinhos do Dão is located on the river Dão in the Dão Valley, near the historic city of Viseu, in the province of Beira Alta.

The MdD is relatively remote: the nearest small town with cafe, grocery market and public bus service is a 30 minute walk away, up from the valley. The largest nearby metropolitan city, called Viseu, is a 25 minute car ride from the MdD, and public bus service to Viseu is weekday only. The working community at the MdD fetch supplies from the local towns every few days during the week, and rides can be organized when possible. Some more information about the immediate, local region surrounding the MdD can be found here on the general Activities & Surroundings page.

Time of year & Duration
During the years 2022–2023, the residency is available for a minimum 1 month stay during the dates: April 15th – June 30th and September 1st – October 15th.


NOTE: The MdD is in the beginning stages of the residency program. Thus, in 2022–23, the schedule is limited.

Paid by Artist
The fee for the MdD Residency in this exploratory years of 2022-2023 is 300 Euro per month which includes 2 dinner/meals per week from the MdD communal kitchen. Each additional family member or artist-partner is an additional €50 per week. There are limited work-for-trade options for residents (includes lunches with the working community). Please inquire with the MdD staff.

Application Guidelines and Criteria
If interested please send: CV, portfolio (for visual arts), description of project(s), needs and expectations, dates and duration of residence, as well as any related details.

Accommodation and Facilities
The available residency space: As Duas Cabanas.

Duas Cabanas:  two 15 sq. meter cabins situated in the center of the MdD, 6 meters apart, are combined for the Resident.  One cabin functions as the living unit, with kitchenette, toilette and sleeping facilities.  Shower is provided in the shared bath house.  The other cabin is open and tiled floor space for whatever medium of function suits the Resident.  There is also a 15 sq. meter outdoor area in front of the atelier cabin, for building and expanding projects outdoors.

Both residence units are fully furnished.

Utilities and Bandwidth
The Moinhos do Dao currently has electricity supplied by a renewable energy system of solar and hydro (when available) produced power. Therefore it is also limited. There is a main “power station” on the MdD for charging and/or constant use of electric devices, such as laptops, mobile devices/tablets, etc….anything that uses USB or 220v power. The individual residency units do not have their own electrical outlets.  We highly recommend to residents that their digital devices have adequate battery life for personal use (or that the Resident bring portal battery extenders, which they are welcome to re-charge using the MdD’s power system during the day).

For larger, power tool-related projects, we use a gasoline powered generator.

The Moinhos do Dao has cellular-WiFi connection, accessible from the main “power station” area on the terrain, which is available 24-hours.

English, Dutch, some Portuguese and French.

Web references

Welcome to Moinhos do Dão ~ Eco Quinta

If you have any questions about our facilities or our activities don’t hesitate to contact us. The best way to reach us is by email: . You can reach us by landline at: +351 – 232 610 586 (Portugal).

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