Participating in the 15th edition of ‘Moinhos Abertos’. April 15 and 16.

Thanks to the repair of the roof of our small mill building we can participate in the National Open Mill Weekend on April 15th and 16th and show the centerpieces of the history of this old millers farm. We cannot spin the mill as that requires a new wheel but we can show the wood part of the system that sits above water in the mill house. Come see it with your own eyes during this weekend and spend some springtime in the river valley. It’s glorious!

Renovated mill building

Interior renovated mill

There were 7 mills on this quinta and sr. Antonio, the grandson of sr. Costa the original miller, told us that usually they had 5 spinning, also through the night. That was some serious production taking place here, providing the flour for a lot of the bread making in the region.
We maintain the infrastructure of this mill complex, including a small reservoir and water channels, because we need it for harnessing energy with our small hydro wheel installation. Old technology meets new technology!

Program Open Mill Weekend @ Moinhos do Dão:
Saturday the 15th 14h till 18h ~ guided visits of the mills and quinta & serving tea all afternoon.
Sunday the 16th 14h till 18h ~ guided visits of the mills and quinta & serving tea all afternoon.
Optional on Sunday at 14h: guided visit to the nearby monastery of Santa Maria de Maceira Dão. Send a pm if interested.
More information about this national program:

Mill system cross section

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