Moinhos do Dão ~ a Great Place to Live ~ Open for Partnerships!

We are looking for 2 partners to share Moinhos do Dão Eco Quinta
A duo, a couple, two friends, siblings, etc…. any 2-person option that can co-habitat together, to share, develop and live/work together, on the Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta.

We are seeking a duo that is willing to stay a preliminary full year living on the MdD with us, where we all can learn what it is like to share and utilize the terrain and facilities, and after a full four seasons, we believe we all will know if a stronger and longer collaboration on the MdD has rooted. From this realization and further commitment, we are interested in a co-ownership with said duo. We don’t have kids and are far removed from other quintas with kids and believe that kids should be around other kids. Therefore we are primarily looking for adults without small children but we are open to discuss this.

We imagine the process as follows:
1. Conversations to get to know each other;
2. A first short 1 month trial period;
3. A full year of living here;
4. Deciding together to commit or not.

What are we looking for in partners: 
Shared interests and background/education in ecology/nature, arts/crafts and well-being,
Experience with and interest in land management, forestry/arborist work, nature conservation, construction/practical building and maintenance in an off-grid place,
That the MdD as a place and collection of facilities can support you in personal and professional development,
An interest and willingness to be involved with the maintenance of the facilities and care for the land,
A clear idea of “why” to live in a place like the MdD.

What is important to us
Live sustainably, healthy and mindfully
Permaculture ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share
Preserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage of this region
Project vision~
Develop and manage an Art and Ecology Residency Program,
Nature conservation on and around the quinta in partnership with volunteers, residents, locals and regional organizations,
Develop and host Event Weeks (examples: writing workshop, hiking, meditation/mindfulness, culinary, environmental field work)
Develop and take part in environmental and artistic projects in our region (for example, the project CuidaDão)

The goal is to establish a live/work co-creation project on the MdD where all individuals are giving an approximately 50 % time to the management and development of the Moinhos do Dão land and facilities, and an 50 % time is reserved for each individual’s unique (possibly shared) profession. The lifestyle, location, resources etc. that are specific to MdD should support, in one way or another, each member in their personal and professional life. The % of time dedicated is something to grow into together but based on our experience here the quinta can thrive if we’d all spend about 50% of our time on it.  MdD work-time can also be outsourced if funds allow. 

The ultimate goal is to reach a co-ownership of the Moinhos do Dão – Eco Quinta.  We also realize not everyone with interest has financial resources to invest, so we consider both of the following options.  The first option is co-ownership, where a part of the Moinhos do Dão (specific housing/building and a percentage of land) is purchased and the MdD – Eco Quinta truly becomes an equal part owned project.  The second option is when a great fit is found but no investment or purchase can be made.  The second option would function as an extension of the preliminary year “contract,” and when needs or ideas for living improvements are required, we all can discuss and settle upon shared costs (depending on whether permanent or temporary additions).  And, we are open to discussing further.

What we and the MdD have to offer is:
1. the chance to create and develop the terrain and facilities of the MdD to suit individual needs,
2. the opportunity to live and work together on activities related to ecology, art and well-being in the rural context of central Portugal (Beira Alta region). 
3. We (Freya and Steve) can also offer experience and support in the action of placing one’s self in this Dão valley context, and, a belief that community living and community support, even if very small scale, is a best model for Living. Not to forget to mention the context of living in direct connection with nature, which we promote as much as possible without forging modern convenience, as long as it follows regenerative environmentalist principles.

We realize that the experience of sharing the MdD with others will only show itself in the doing and in the “making it happen.”  We are here to answer your questions based on your interest, so please contact us directly by private message. Also consider sharing this possibility if you think what the MdD has to offer is a good fit for people in your own network.

We look forward to hearing from those interested!
Send us an email at:

Steven & Freya