Yoga and Mindfulness at MdD

Yoga and Mindfulness with Ciske van Zevenbergen of ‘Present Moment’.

For two weeks in August this summer our guests, volunteers and residents could participate in daily yoga session. Ciske van Zevenbergen offered morning sessions for adults and afternoon sessions for kids.

Ciske spoke about the experience of offering yoga at MdD:

Yoga - Pier

“It was delightful to offer yoga classes at MdD. The morning classes for the adults were special because of the quietness of the morning and the fresh air and first sunbeams on our skin; a relaxing and healthy start of the day. The kids classes were one big party. They learned about yoga and the poses and got very much into it. They were so good at trying the poses and had lots of fun when the dog would walk through the class. The mindfulness –workshop was also great to give. We were by the water, had the birds chirping in the background, what more can you wish for!?”

Mindfulness Class

Kids Yoga

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