Forestry Weeks at Moinhos do Dão, from the 18th till the 30th of November

Planting trees and seeds because the Dão valley and Mother Earth can use some extra help.

November is the best time of the year for seeding and planting. We have a lot of young trees ready to be planted and hundreds of acorns, chestnuts and hazelnuts to put in the ground. Besides planting and seeding we’ll also be removing shrubs and non-native trees to make space for the planting and seeding. This effort will be part of ‘A Grande Bolotada Ibérica’ (the Big Iberian Acorn Seeding) where thousands of people across the Iberic Peninsula are joining in the important effort to of reforestation. Join them and us by doing your part in bringing back the native forests in the Dão valley.
Why? Because these forests support the local biodiversity, are less susceptible to fires, play a big role in keeping a healthy water cycle and the prevention of desertification, not to forget to mention that planting forests is a way of storing carbon and act against climate break down.
Sounds like the right thing to do...right?

You can come help for a day, a few days or a week if you want. The Moinhos has comfy places to stay, we’ll be preparing meals together and in the evening you can put your feet up and relax by the fire place. For those spending the night and staying more days there is a cost of € 10 per day incl. food. We’ll be working with a group of maximum 8 people.

If you want to know more, or let us know you are interested in coming, please send us a message.
Also please share with people you know who might be interested!

Looking forward 🙂
Freya & Steve

Forestry Weekend Nov 2018 with the Xerox team

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